An extensive range

KB RAW has an broad range of raw food products. Are you looking for a carefully composed animal feed with muscle meat, organ meat and bone? If so, KB Mix is the right product for you.

Do you prefer to give your animals feed that is guaranteed to be complete? If so, you can opt for KB Complete. You can also use the KB Extra products to add to your pet’s diet yourself.

Would you like to entirely compose your pet’s diet yourself? If so, make use of the KB Barf products; a broad range of muscle meat, organ meat and bone products.



The KB Mixes contain organ meat, muscle meat and bone in the right proportions. With sufficient variation, a balanced diet can easily be composed. Simple and safe to use. Would you like to know more about our products?

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These are five mixes to which vitamins, minerals and salmon oil have been added. As a result, these mixes contain all the nutrients that dogs and cats require.

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Where can our products be bought?

View which pet shops sell our products. Aren’t there any pet shops near you that sell our products? KB RAW can also be purchased from multiple webshops!

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